Embedded RFID technology

Embedding of RFID tags within the structure of the PCB allows Original Equipment Manufacturers to track and store product related information within the product from as early as the PCB manufacturing. The total encapsulation of the RFID tag ensures that


MES & Supply Chain Applications

Manufacturing and assembly lines are equipped with antennas of UHF RFID readers at the beginning and end of each process step. Tasks such as the board identification, writing of test results into the board’s embedded tag and notification of the


Reader API

The new EIIS technology enables RFID tags to be embedded within the structure of a multilayer printed circuit board (PCB). The product relevant data is structured and stored in the memory of the embedded RFID. Relevant data was derived from


RFID Machine Integration

Production machines such as flying probe testers and pick and place machine need to load operation programs for each individual product. Results of the different processes have to be stored with regards to the specific product. Embedded RFID readers communicate