Giving products & processes
intelligence using
state of the art technology


Data analysis services
using next generation user-centred
visualisation techniques

and Capture

Using semantic models (ontologies)
to develop and communicate
knowledge across platforms and domains

Embedded Integrated Intelligent Systems

A world leading multi-disciplinary group researching the tools, methods and value of applying embedded systems in manufacturing, healthcare and sport.

Multi Disciplinary

A community of mechanical, electrical, electronic, manufacturing & materials engineers alongside computer & information scientists, physicists and chemists

Industrial Focus

Research will only be adopted if it has a value to industry, including economic, social, risk management, quality and efficiency. Industrial requirements strengthen the EIIS vision

Cross Domain

EIIS focuses on research which can be applied to various domains to give the greatest impact to UK and global businesses

Recent Works


Smart Returnable Transit Item (RTI), mobile intelligence for key assets

Adaptable Simulation Tools

Making simulation accessable to SMEs through re-configurable components

End Of Life Control

Novel Cyber-Physical System providing flexible, adaptable control of WEEE refurbishment

Energy Monitoring

Real time monitoring of energy for prediction of tool wear, scheduling and efficiency gains

Our Collaborators