Antennae Printing and Testing

To reduce the amount of waste from products it is important to consider the end of life throughout a products lifecycle. One of the best ways to be able to do this is to have information that can be stored and updated directly onto a product. One method for this is to use RFID tags which can be printed onto products when they are manufactured so any relevant information can be stored on the tags chip. The tags can be printed onto products using novel conductive material depositing and sintering to create an RFID tag antenna and then placing and sintering an RFID chip at the antenna’s terminals. As not all products are the same shape and size it is important to consider how the shape of a product will affect the performance of the RFID tag. This can be achieved through the use of electromagnetic simulation.

  • James Tribe
  • Automotive, Electrical, Sport & Healthcare

Improving product security and traceability through embedded data capture and communication.

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