Photograph of Prof West
Andrew West Professor of Intelligent Systems

Andy's main research focus has been on the lifecycle engineering of intelligent, distributed, component-based manufacturing control, monitoring & next generation intelligent manufacturing systems

Photograph of Prof Conway
Paul Conway Dean of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

Professor of Manufacturing Processes Director, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Embedded Intelligence.

Photograph of Prof Tom Jackson
Tom Jackson Professor of Information and Knowledge Management

Tom's research areas are Electronic Communication and Information Retrieval, and Applied and Theory based Knowledge Management, including his Natural Language Processing Email Knowledge Extraction system (EKE)

Will Whittow Senior Lecturer in Electronic Materials Integration

Will's current research interests include antennas; electromagnetics materials; inkjet printed antennas; RFID tags; wearable antennas and 3D-printing

Lisa Jackson Senior Lecturer

Lisa's research has focused on multi-objective optimisation applied to safety system design, fault diagnostic methods, enhancements in reliability assessment, and optimisation technique

Carmen Torres-Sanchez Senior Lecturer

Carmen’s research interest is in the manufacture of porous materials whose internal architecture can be tailored to meet specific requirements(i.e.structural and bio-mimetic materials)

Photograph of Dr Segura
Diana Segura Lecturer in ICT for Manufacturing

Diana's research interests span the fields of artificial intelligence, decision making, materials, sensors and modelling & simulation

Photograph of Dr Hutt
David Hutt Senior Lecturer

Novel substrate manufacture, Flip-chip assembly, Fluxless soldering, Metallisation of substrates, Polymer encapsulation

Radmehr Monfared Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Automation

Radmehr's research focus is manufacturing automation, virtual engineering, production control and monitoring, and business analysis and simulation.

Mey Goh Senior Lecturer in Product Design

Meh's research is in the development of data and knowledge-driven models and methods to support through-life engineering of Product-Service Systems and advanced manufacturing

Ian Graham Lecturer in Engineering Design

Ian's research is in generative computer aided design, additive manufacturing for heritage restoration, and decision making within remanufacturing service systems

Photograph of Dr Engstrom
Daniel Engstrom Lecturer in 3D printing

Photograph of Dr Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira Lecturer in Manufacturing Systems

Pedro's research interests are driven by the vision of making intelligent, interconnected and self-adaptable systems which can integrate seamlessly in production environments.

Sarogini Pease Lecturer in Intelligent Networks

Sarogini's research expertise is in intelligent and semantic service architectures, wireless and ad hoc network performance improvement and legal compliance for the IoT and manufacturing.

Photograph of Prof Hinde
Chris Hinde Emeritus Professor of Computational Intelligence

Chris’s research focusses on knowledge based systems and data mining, evolving the input spaces to basic data mining systems showing improvements to both accuracy and conciseness of representation

Photograph of Prof Young
Bob Young Visiting Professor of Manufacturing Informatics

Bob is a recognized international expert in the area of Manufacturing Enterprise Interoperability and retains an active role in the International Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability (INTEROP-VLab)

Research Associates

Photograph of Dr Goodall
Paul Goodall Senior Research Associate Modelling & Simulation

Paul's research has included modelling and simulation for Industrie 4.0, data analysis of RFID traceability systems and energy monitoring of industrial processes

James Tribe Research Associate Antennae Design & Evaluation

James has experience in designing RFID tags to work on a variety of different surfaces including the human body

Kate van Lopik Research Associate Human Modelling & Evaluation

Kate's interests include human augmentation, user centered design, selection of appropriate support for end users, visualisation & interaction evaluation


Joel Earps

Joel's research involves the design and manufacture of an adaptive, personalised and smart next gen ebike with IoT and smart cities integration

Lorenzo Stilo

Lorenzo’s research focuses on Embedded Intelligent Systems, bridging the gap between cyber and physical systems, on human-machine interaction and machine-environment interaction, applied analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to the world of lightweight electric vehicles

Photograph of Mr Williamson
Ryan Williamson

Ryan's research involves the design and evaluation of predictive maintenance simulations

Photograph of Ms Carlin
Hazel Carlin

Hazel’s research interests are in simulations, digital twins and the processes involved in creating digital models

Photograph of Ms Schnieder
Maren Schnieder

Maren is part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Embedded Intelligence. Ford Motor Company is the industry sponsor of her PhD. Her PhD focusses on the simulation of last mile delivery and on the development of a next generation eBike.

Steven Hayward

Steven's research has included development of indoor localisation services for Industrie 4.0, including the development of a web service framework and application. His key data analysis avenues are IMU signal processing for traceability, feature extraction for activity detection and system energy monitoring of industrial processes.