RFID Tattoo

The tracking of people would be beneficial for numerous applications and can be achieved through the use of a tattoo RFID tag. The use of a tag that has been mounted directly on the skin has numerous benefits including added security and convenience as the tag cannot be stolen or lost. To increase a person’s likelihood to wear an RFID tattoo tag it would be desirable for the antenna to be an attractive shape. To test the use of different shapes logos have been used as the antenna design for RFID tags that will be attached to the human body. Simulations of possible tag designs while on a human body model can be carried to optimise performance. Prototypes of the tag designs can be fabricated using conductive inks to allow for measuring of the tags performance.

  • James Tribe, Will Whittow, with University of Kent collaborators: John Batchelor, Dumtoochukwu Oyeka
  • Automotive, Electrical, Sport & Healthcare
  • Tattoo Antenna Temporary Transfers Operating On-Skin (TATTOOS)
  • Aesthetically Enhanced RFID Inkjet Antenna Logos on Skin (AERIALS) -
  • Human tagging for safety and security.

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